Shopper FAQs

1. When will I receive payment
• Payment is transferred to your PayPal account approximately 30 days after your Mystery Shop/Audit report has been submitted.
• Payment is transferred on the Friday after the 30 day period, so if your 30 day period ends on a Thursday your payment will not be processed until Friday.
• We must receive a legible copy of all necessary paperwork ( receipt, etc.) in order for payment to be transferred.
• Your PayPal account must be linked to the same email address that is in your Shopper profile.
2. Does ICCDS have a job board?
• ICCDS does have a job board. This can be accessed through your Shop log.
• We offer our shops/audits via job board, e-mail and/or offers on your Shop log
• Available shops/audits are also available on our FaceBook page. If you “like” us on FaceBook, you will have access to view of these available shops/audits as well. If you are interested in one or more, contact your Field Coordinator to see about availability of the shop or audit.
3. Can I use more than one e-mail address?
• You cannot use more than one e-mail address and it is imperative that your e-mail address match the e-mail address you have with your PayPal account.
4. How do I update my personal information?
• Please log onto your Shopper Profile on our site for any necessary updates.
5. What is a Field Coordinator?
• Here at ICCDS we have Field Coordinators (or schedulers) who manually schedule shops/audits. They are each assigned to various accounts and are available to help you with any questions or concerns. For contact information about your Field Coordinator please look on our website under <I>Become A Shopper</I>.
6. Is this a full-time job?
• Being an Independent Contractor, you are free to pick up as many or as little of shop/audits as you wish. Therefore, this is not a salary based job and you will be paid on a per visit basis only.
7. How do I change a shop/audit date?
You must contact your Field Coordinator to change a shop/audit date.
8. Is there an age requirement for mystery shopping?
• ICCDS requires that our Field Reps be at least 18 years of age to conduct mystery shops/audits with us.
9. When I accept a shop/audit will I receive confirmation?
• When accepting automatic e-mail offers, the shop/audit will automatically get placed on your Field Rep page.
• If you are responding to a personal e-mail sent by a Field Coordinator, you must wait to receive a confirmation e-mail stating you have been assigned to a shop.
• Once you are assigned to a shop, it will appear on your Shop log. If you do not see a shop under your Shop log list, you are not currently assigned to it.
10. How do I sign in to my Shop log?
• Please log onto our website and click on the Login tab on the top of our site.
11. I just signed up with ICCDS, how do I get assigned to mystery shops and/or audits?
• Once you have signed up you will then start to receive automatic offers through e-mail as well as personal e-mails from your Field Coordinator. You can also visit our Job Board.
• The amount of offers you receive will vary depending on the availability of shops/audits we have in your area.
12. How do I contact PayPal?
• Contact PayPal at 888-221-1161.
• If payment was transferred and you cannot claim payment, call and tell them that your payment was transferred from as part of a mass payment.
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Free Customer Intercept or Mystery Shop Offer

ICC/DS is offering to capture 30 customer intercepts at one of your retail locations or mystery shop 10 of your stores with no obligation to you.