Go Undercover: Improve Your Brand Experience with Mystery Shopping


Providing your customers with a consistently great experience across all channels helps them form a positive connection with your brand. When customers expect a great experience, however, their expectations have to be met or you risk disappointing them. As this article from Entrepreneur … [Read more...]

How to Combat Showrooming During the Holidays


  Reports after the holidays last year showed that the in-store strategies retailers employed to fight showrooming were working, but that doesn’t mean the effect will necessarily carry over into this holiday season. In a recent survey, 96% of participants said that they would continue … [Read more...]

Measurable Ways to Improve Your Customer Service


Trying to improve customer service without collecting data on the success of your tactics is a wasted effort. Many ideas for customer service improvements sound great on paper, but turn out to be meaningless to your customers. It’s even more problematic to stick blindly to with same old … [Read more...]

Is Satisfied Enough? Learning from the Middle of the Pack


It’s a no-brainer that high customer satisfaction indicates a positive shopping experience, and dissatisfaction indicates a problematic experience, but what does it tell you about the shopping experience when customers report that they’re just “satisfied”? Customer satisfaction is a spectrum, and … [Read more...]

Are Pushy Sales Tactics Driving Your Customers Away?


You’ve probably invested a great deal in creating strategies to increase your sales and get customers interested in your brand. What you may not realize is that if your pushy sales tactics seem too aggressive, they may be driving your customers away instead of pulling them in. Here are 3 common … [Read more...]

3 Things Your Customers Mean by “I’m Just Browsing”


There’s no question that training your sales associates to engage your customers can boost sales and gain customer loyalty, but what do you do when your customers say they don’t want help? It’s especially difficult to engage with customers who are just browsing because they can mean so many … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Engaging Your Unhappy Customers


Every company receives customer service complaints. But did you know that for every customer who bothers to complain, about 26 remain silent? The typical business only hears from 4% of its dissatisfied customers. Of the 96% who don’t voice their complaints, 91% will “quit” that business and never … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Compete with Amazon


Despite recent dips in stock prices, it doesn’t look like Amazon is going anywhere any time soon, and the company continues to expand into new markets. Competition with Amazon is fierce, but the good news is that the company’s broad focus leaves many gaps in customer experience, allowing both large … [Read more...]