iBeacons: Initial Implementation Ideas For Retailers

As a follow-up to our previous post focusing on the technological side of retail’s near future, we’re diving a little deeper into iBeacons and what they could mean for how retailers shift their customer experience strategies in the rapidly approaching future. If you’re still wondering what exactly … [Read more...]

iBeacons 101: How Today’s Mobile Technology Is Seamlessly Integrating With In-Store Retail

With the recent release of Apple’s new iPhone 5S now finding its way into the pockets of consumers, much of the fanfare surrounding its new features mostly had to do with fingerprint scanners and other hardware updates. One addition that managed to stay under the radar is the device’s integration … [Read more...]

Create a Customer Journey Map to Visually Evaluate Your Strengths and Weaknesses

We’ve touched on a wide range of customer experience considerations companies are using to meet the fast growing expectations of customers, but there’s one part of the equation brands commonly pass over: your customers’ actual connection with the brand from channel to channel. Investing in … [Read more...]