Building Stuff Is In Our DNA

Joe with 718 Cyclery knows that the need to build is hard-wired into the DNA of the human animal. What he also knows is that when confronted with a nebulous goal of "just build something," most people will never get on with it. The need to build requires direction. The need to build requires … [Read more...]

JC Penney Roots

On Feb 1st, JC Penney unveiled its new pricing strategy and service policies called Fair and Square. JC Penney describes it as three kinds of pricing, one happy return policy. It got our attention for a couple reasons. Simplicity of message: The three kinds of pricing are everyday low pricing, … [Read more...]

No Rain, No Rainbows

What do you do with almost $10,000 worth of merchandise that you can't return to online retailers because their return procedures are so dysfunctional? If you are STELLAService, you break out the wrapping paper and bows, have a wrapping party and donate the items to various charities throughout New … [Read more...]

Information Rich, Execution Poor

A solid mystery shopping program consists always of three components: - Objective measurements - Never a "gotcha" program - Action, not just reporting Often misunderstood and even more often not implemented correctly, mystery shopping are one of the most important tools you can use to measure, … [Read more...]