Helping You Make Things Less Complex

Customer Experience programs come in all shapes and sizes. It can be overwhelming. We at ICC strongly believe in a balance of objective and subjective feedback, a bias for action and a win-win mentality. What I have been seeing more and more lately are companies who have made things far too … [Read more...]

Setting Boundaries In Cafés

Take a good look at the photo above. I was walking past this shop on Saturday and realized; I have no idea what they sell. At first glance, you may say, "they sell bagels" but then when you read a bit more, the badly-hung ad hoc sign in the window says "2 SLICES + SODA CAN $3.75." As the shop is … [Read more...]

Office Depot’s DIY Mystery Shopping Adventure

The most recent HBR (Harvard Business Review) features Kevin Peters, president of Office Depot, taking on mystery shopping himself (at first) to drive results. He discovered what most of our clients tell us; Mystery shopping works. The problem is most companies (and unfortunately sometimes their … [Read more...]

Protecting Retailers From The “Flash Rob” Trend

Flash mobs have become a major trend. They've even been featured in Hollywood movies, often with a group of people in a public place breaking out in a choreographed dance. That type of mob scene is all in good fun, but there is a new trend that is far less innocent. In recent months, a number of … [Read more...]

Is Alcohol/Cigarette Compliance The Area Where Mystery Shopping Can Be About ‘Condemning’ Employees?

It has been mentioned before - that stigma that the mystery shopping industry faces that the goal is to catch employees up to no good. In most cases, this is not the real goal. Instead, it is to identify where staff may benefit from further training to improve customer service. There may be one … [Read more...]

The Role Of Mystery Shopping In Banking

Whether employees recognize it or not, the financial industry is one where they have substantial responsibility. After all, they are tasked with guarding the investments of and personal finances of their clients. People walking into a bank, for example, have far more to lose from a "poor" customer … [Read more...]

Learning From a UK Study On The Top Places To Shop

The City of Cambridge, in the UK was recently given the honor of top retail town in the country, according to a mystery shopping initiative. It received an overall average of 90% with a couple of retailers scoring perfectly. The plan is to use the city as a model for the rest of the country in order … [Read more...]