How a Mystery Shopping Service Can Transform Your Staff

There are some employers in the retail industry that see high staff turnaround. Often, this is because they hire young staff and don't bother to invest in comprehensive training. They believe that their employees are dispensable - those that aren't doing a good job can simply be replaced. What they … [Read more...]

Parking Lot Business

If the corner market is a microcosm of a bigbox retail store, then a parking lot is a petrie dish where the DNA of all business can be examined unencumbered by the trappings of normal corporate life. In the film, The Parking Lot Movie, directed by Meghan Eckman, we are given almost 90 minutes of … [Read more...]

Dangers Of Using The Same Mystery Shopper

You want to work with one reputable mystery shopping program once you've found the right fit, that is a given. But this is not a rule that applies to each individual mystery shopper. It is easy to be tempted - if you get a useful report, you may feel better sticking to what you know works. You'd be … [Read more...]

Obtaining Measurable Data With Your Mystery Shopping Survey

Mystery shopping surveys help your mystery shopping service identify the specific data that you would like to obtain. In order to accomplish this, you've got to put pen to paper and draft out some questions. Asking the right questions can make all the difference -- no matter what you will get … [Read more...]

Can You Mystery Shop Your Way To Overnight Success?

In the perfect world, we could snap our fingers and get whatever we want when we want it. But here in reality, we have to work and wait for those things we want to happen.  It is a philosophy to live by in life and in business -- it takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to obtain and maintain … [Read more...]

Mystery Shopping And Customer Satisfaction Surveys Working Together

You've heard it before - you just can't put all your eggs in one basket - not with any decision you make in life. So, when trying to enhance your level of customer satisfaction and your retail sales, this is a rule that still applies. Mystery shopping works and customer feedback helps; you don't … [Read more...]

Combining Mystery Shopping and Customer Feedback

The best users of mystery shopping programs offer additional methods to capture data that can be used to make necessary improvements. The reason why these different strategies work together to create such a comprehensive program is because they offer a variety of perspectives that -- when combined … [Read more...]

Amazon Starts Flash Sale: Late to the Party or Trendsetting?

We are used to seeing Amazon as a leader in e-commerce. In many ways, it is a bit surprising that they have come so late to the party with the introduction of their own flash sale site, Myhabitat. But let's not write Amazon off too soon. They've had the chance to see what works and what doesn't  … [Read more...]

Aligning the Expectations of Your Customers

This week, Jon Steinberg of Buzzfeed wrote about the challenges that all businesses face with their consumers and how you can recognize when you're dealing with a customer that is really not a customer. He outlined how those who are true customers with an intent to purchase a product or service will … [Read more...]