Local Response Aggregates Social Media Posts to Find Your Customers

Local Response is a new tool that promises to aggregate social media posts to find your customers based on the things they are posting online. It is based on the premise that as a business owner, you just don't have the time to weed through everything yourself to find the right people to reach out … [Read more...]

3 tips to ensure your Mystery Shopping program success

Too often, businesses make the assumption that installing a mystery shopping program will guarantee increased customer satisfaction and sales growth. In reality, retailers play a large part in the process and bad choices may lead to ineffective results. Pulling the plug on a mystery shopping … [Read more...]

Coupons & Promotions: Enhancing Customer Experience at the Cost of Your Business?

In order to be successful in any business, you've got to have limitations on just how far you'll go for your customer. Earlier this week, we focused on how setting certain boundaries can actually improve customer experience. The same applies to the use of promotions and coupons - take it too far to … [Read more...]

Demonstrating Why Boundaries Matter for Customer Experience

David Rich's post this week talked on setting boundaries with the level of service you provide and it got me thinking about a few more points on the subject. One thing you'll notice if you login to the Facebook page of any major retailer is that there is a lot of dissatisfaction being voiced. This … [Read more...]

What is Mystery Shopping? [VIDEO]

David Rich, president and CEO of ICCDS, explains Mystery Shopping in a quick video. Where are the gaps in your brand promise to your customers? Do you know? Mystery shopping lets you know and gives you the tools to help correct the gaps. . … [Read more...]

Is Social Media an Appropriate Venue to Gauge Customer Experience?

Social media offers retailers a direct connection to consumers. When this connection is present, an open line of communication is formed between a business and their customers. Both can benefit from this relationship, but should there be lines drawn regarding what can appropriately occur on social … [Read more...]

Great service is service with boundaries

The retail mythology world loves to tell this story. A women goes into Nordstrom to return snow tires and they take them back without a receipt. Right now, you are probably not questioning the "without a receipt" part. But you are probably scratching your head over the snow tire part. I didn't … [Read more...]

Working for a Reputable Mystery Shopping Company

Mystery shopping seems like a dream job for many. Getting paid to shop - doesn't get much better, does it? There is some truth there, but only when you link up with the right mystery shopping company. You hear the bad press on businesses getting taken by the less than reputable mystery shopping … [Read more...]