• Retail Benchmarks Holiday Season 2010 – Apparel Category

    Sales, when done well, is simply helping other people get what they want. Just a little more of that kind of sales can make a huge impact on a retailer’s bottom line and may be the biggest take away from our retail benchmark study.

  • Inspect What You Expect – In Store Audits Tell You What You Need to Know

    In-Store Audits can tell you what’s happening ‘on the ground’, give you fresh insight and provide internal and external accountability. Do you have marketing agreements in place and the need to be accountable to brands? Do you contract out or run in-store demos? How do you know they’re being properly executed? Do you spend money for displays? How can you be certain they’re being properly set up and stocked? How do you know they’re being set up at every location? In-store audits put metrics in place so you can measure productivity, hold partners accountable and gather the information that can improve your business and your bottom line.

  • Customer Intercepts – Ask the Right Questions and Thrive

    Could the Customers Who DON’T Buy Be the Key to Success? We’re used to asking for feedback from shoppers. Most retailers focus their data gathering on customers who’ve made a purchase. Surveys on the sales receipt, in the shopping bag or on your website and email follow up are commonly recognized and effective tools. It’s important to know what your customers think and get a critical understanding of their observations and experience of your stores, your merchandise and employees.

  • M-Commerce Gains Traction

    Reaching your customers via their mobile phones – wherever they are – combines convenience and urgency. Shaun Ryan reports in the E-Commerce Times that U.S. mobile commerce sales hit US$1.20 billion in 2009 and will…

  • Mystery Shopping – a Real Value or a Real Bust?

    When done right, Mystery Shopping is a tremendous asset for retailers. Results can be used right away to improve the customer experience and to motivate employees, optimize resources and improve operations in every way.

  • Using Innovative Technology to Boost Sales

    Shopping online has become commonplace for the American consumer – but there’s more than one new approach to making more sales – online and at brick and mortar locations. With the season that for many…

  • Give Customers Exactly What They Want

    That’s precisely what the new online shopping site Plum Willow is hoping to achieve by working with teenage interns who are telling them what they like and why. Savvy and resourceful, these teens have their…

  • Macy’s Shakes it Up

    Macy’s has a new approach to keeping things fresh. Their ‘Impulse’ department will rotate designers every two months. They’re working with top international designers to create lines especially for their stores. The Impulse department targets…

  • Amazon Breaks New Ground – Again

    Amazon expert and staff writer for TechFlash Eric Engelman reports that the online retail giant was just granted a patent for ‘environmentally conscious electronic transactions’. The patent envisions a system in which customers are given…

  • Holiday Season 2010

    Consumers are most interested in value and price this holiday season. Spending is up and so is bargain hunting. The National Retail Federation is forecasting holiday sales will be the best in four years. Some…