• Sam’s Club to Gift Wi-Fi This Holiday Season

    When Sam’s Club begins offering free Wi-Fi in its stores this November, the retailer hopes shoppers will be more likely to purchase electronics, specifically new Internet-connected television sets.

  • The Real Customer Service Story

    Corporate leaders dramatically overestimate how much the customer wants to talk to a customer service representative. They believe customers value live service twice as much as self-service. HBR’s data shows customers are significantly indifferent to that claim, and they value self-service just as much as they value using the phone. More interestingly, that indifference doesn’t change across their demographic, issue type or urgency.

  • A Modern Day Customer Service Parable

    Too often you hear stories about people’s customer service nightmares and commiserate with them as you talk of similar experiences. The Virgin Group founder Richard Branson recently shared a story about customer service himself, but the story ended with a satisfied customer and not a disgruntled one.

  • Do Location-Based Social Networks Work for Your Company?

    An post on Forrester Research’s study advises retailers to take a second look on whether LBSNs are right to include in their current marketing mix.

  • Mobile Applications Can Do More for a Retailer

    Forbes Insights published a study that surveyed leading U.S. retailers’ use of mobile applications in enhancing consumer’s shopping experiences. Researchers discovered many retailers””almost fifty percent–are hoping to capture first-mover advantage as their customers go mobile. The levels of sophistication in mobile design and application vary depending on the retailer and its goals. For many, the mobile features are a scaled-back version of their website. Others have ventured into offering transaction-based and customer-oriented applications that use powerful GPS technology to pinpoint an individual customer’s needs.

  • Using Storytelling to Keep the Customer Coming Back to the Store

    When people’s time is precious and transportation costs are high, retailers can’t rely on the thinking that if they build stores, people will come. Instead, retailers must offer more than just a physical space that stocks merchandise. They need to entertain, educate and engage consumers to bring them to the store and make them never want to leave.

  • Using Technology to Get Consumers to the Store

    No one doubts the claim that the Internet and rise in mobile technology hasn’t transformed the retail industry. It’s the thought that people are no longer making trips to the stores that should be up for debate. The truth is that people still shop in stores. Technology is used to get them there and to make their experience more enjoyable so they keep coming back.

  • The Future of Retail is Still the Store

    According to a recent study by the U.S. Census Bureau, the majority of sales still come from in-store purchases. Certain categories, such as books, clothing and electronics, see high percentages of e-commerce sales, but the overall message for retailers remains the same before the rise of the Internet: attention to the physical store should be a top priority in an effort to attract and keep customers.

  • Wal-Mart™s Project Impact has a Positive Impact on Sales

    Wal-Mart remains the world’s largest retailer, even after cutting back on the amount of items stocked on its shelves.

  • It Pays to Have Good Customer Service

    The American Express Global Customer Service Barometer reveals 61 percent of 1,000 American consumers surveyed value quality customer service amid economic instability and will spend 9 percent more at a retailer that offers it.