A Wellness Marketing Strategy That Works Well

Wellness is alive and well in consumers’ minds, but what does that mean for retailers? And what do consumers mean when they shop with wellness on their mind? According to research firm The Hartman Group, people have a broad view of the definition of wellness. When polled, 67 percent of … [Read more...]

Target Sells a Service Experience with its Electronics

Even during the recession, the electronics business continues to be hot as customers consider things like cell phones a necessity. As the electronics business gets more competitive with discount stores like Target and Walmart fighting specialized stores like Best Buy for a larger customer base, … [Read more...]

Women Pay Full Price at Ann Taylor

It's no secret customers like a good sale, but a recent finding from Ann Taylor shows items can still sell--even with a full-price sticker. Ann Taylor reported a second-quarter profit and rising sales that even bested their lower-priced namesake Loft chain, which used to be a superstar during the … [Read more...]

Recession Resets Consumers’ Priorities

What does the customer want? It's a question retailers ask themselves all the time. According to a recent study done by the Pew Research Center, consumer needs aren't the same as they once were. According to the study, just 42 percent of Americans say they consider a television set a necessity, … [Read more...]

Consumers Procrastinate Back-to-School Shopping

Retailers, take notes. American families are putting off their back-to-school shopping in an effort to make sure they're getting the best deals. Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst with the NPD Group, told msnbc.com, “The consumer is not in any rush.” An earnings call from Walmart indicated … [Read more...]

Sam’s Club to Gift Wi-Fi This Holiday Season

When Sam's Club begins offering free Wi-Fi in its stores this November, the retailer hopes shoppers will be more likely to purchase electronics, specifically new Internet-connected television sets. “It is an intimidating category with lots of complexity,” said Sam's Club Chief Executive Brain … [Read more...]

The Real Customer Service Story

Upon entering a retail store, the customer knows what's coming next: it's the standard greeting, followed by the current sales promotion and then the question, "Anything I can help you with today?" According to recent research published in the Harvard Business Review, that answer is often, … [Read more...]

A Modern Day Customer Service Parable

Too often you hear stories about people's customer service nightmares and commiserate with them as you talk of similar experiences. The Virgin Group founder Richard Branson recently shared a story about customer service himself, but the story ended with a satisfied customer and not a disgruntled … [Read more...]

Do Location-Based Social Networks Work for Your Company?

Should retailers check out location-based social networks and let their customers check in to their stores? An AdAge.com post on Forrester Research's recently released study advises companies to take a second look as to whether LBSNs are right to include in their current marketing mix. The study … [Read more...]

Mobile Applications Can Do More for a Retailer

Shoppers are on the move, and they're taking their mobile phones with them. Forbes Insights published a study that surveyed leading U.S. retailers' use of mobile applications in enhancing consumer's shopping experiences. Researchers discovered many retailers--almost fifty percent--are hoping to … [Read more...]