• Thanksgiving Weekend Shopping as a Social Event

    This concierge level of customer care plays in perfectly with the mindset of the “Black Friday as a Social Event” shopper.

  • Black Friday Launch Pad for Brand Social Media

    There is mounting evidence in the use of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, as an advertising medium. A prime example is the way that brand marketers are targeting Black Friday by sending out messages featuring special deals for their followers. Why? A recent blog post on Simple Thoughts quotes Deloitte Research as saying that, “One in five shoppers plans to use the sites in their holiday shopping this season.”

  • On Target for the Holiday Shopping Experience

    The news is awash with stories on how the country’s retailers are gearing up for the mad holiday rush that begins with Black Friday. Most of the news has to do with price promotions, store hours and staffing to handle the increase in store traffic. As an example, a story on DSN Retailing Today outlines how mass market giant Target is preparing for the holiday’s with the customer experience in mind.

  • Nice Guys Finish First

    In an industry that is the poster child for a bad economy and despicable customer service, Southwest is on track to have its 37th consecutive profitable year.

  • Getting Satisfaction

    Only time will tell if this is a resurgence of the long-trusted brand. However, the trend is that sales performance is directly linked to customer satisfaction.

  • Getting it Right in the First Place

    It is true that all organizations have problems to solve at one point or another and the way they solve them goes a long way toward establishing long-term customer relationships. But we should never lose sight of the easiest and least expensive form of service recovery which is getting it right in the first place.

  • Tips for Holiday Retail Cheer

    It’s a funny time in retail. The Holiday’s generally bring a surge of business as consumers splurge on gifts and other items to help brighten the season. However, this coming Holiday season feels very different. Nielsen tells us that consumers continue to make fewer trips to the store.

  • Don’t Discount the Discount

    Much is being made out of the necessity to build brands using social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook. A recent study tells us that they key tactic to building such networks may be the same as building the brands in traditional marketing. In other words, if you want to build your on-line network, offer the consumer a deal.

  • Is it Live? Does it Have to Be?

    Even though it’s hard to foresee any real challenges or compeitive threats emerge for Google, expect the customer service challenge and the solution to evolve through time.

  • Measures Matter

    A recent article provides a vivid example by breaking customer service down into primary elements of greeting the customer, responding quickly to their requests, fulfilling their orders in a timely manner and dealing with problems.