• How well do you know the customer?

    Every successful business connects with customers by using purchase history data. How well you maintain and use your customer insight can make an enormous difference on the quality of customer service provided. How to connect…

  • Wawa: A Customer Experience Success Story

    Over the past year, businesses have watched each other struggle while reducing costs in every possible way. Every so often, you hear of a business success story. These are the few businesses that are thriving…

  • The basic foundation of building customer loyalty

    What is the simplest way to foster loyalty? It’s great customer service. From word of mouth to loyalty reward programs, it is amazing customer service that brings repeat business. Training your employees to have superior service skills is the first pillar of loyalty success.

  • Today is the critical time for strategy, vision, and asking tough questions

    At times like this we tend to focus on tactics ““ are we doing enough to cut costs, what layoffs are coming up, what is the best discount to run, etc. ““ and too often strategy gets left behind. This is a critical time for strategy, vision, and asking the tough questions.

  • Customer Intercepts

    The Customer Experiences that your customers have, or (more importantly) those shoppers who left your store without making a purchase hold the key to your company’s unlocked potential and untapped profits. What better way to learn about your customers’ opinions than to ask them immediately after their shopping experience has ended, while their opinions are fresh and their experiences are unbiased by passing time? ICC/Decision Services’ highly trained field representatives can learn the truth about the perceptions your customers have about your brand, but we do not stop there.

  • Mystery Shopping Oldie

    Our mystery shopping programs drive frontline staff performance improvement, and as a result, increased revenue. We recruit, train, test, certify and closely monitor our shoppers. Fully customized and integrated with in-person, Web site, call center and telephone-based components, our mystery shopping programs include dynamic and static 24/7 graphic reporting powered by our proprietary state-of-the-art Web-based technology.

  • E-Shops powered by STELLAService™

    Are you losing revenue because of unhappy online customers? Are your online competitors profiting at your expense? Let E-Shops powered by STELLAService™ measure measure the quality and effectiveness of your Internet retail operation and improve…

  • Customer Surveys

    What are your customers really thinking? The only way to know is to ask! ICC/Decision Services conducts IVR phone and/or Web-based customer satisfaction surveys that reveal details of your customers opinions of their customer experience. We even have the ability to provide you with the actual voice of the customer in digitally recorded responses via our state-of-the-art IVR system.

  • The road of retailing: Where your customer experience takes precedence

    It is undeniable that the retail industry will forever be changed through the spread of technology and our current economy. Recently, a Forbes article discusses the changes and what lies ahead for the retail industry….

  • eValuation™ Cards

    Do you know what your customers are thinking? The insight you receive from implementing a successful eValuation™ card program is invaluable. ICC/Decision Services designs, administers, and tracks eValuation card programs so you have the pulse of what your customers are thinking.