3 Interactive Technologies That Will Enhance Your Customer Experience

The results are in: the majority of retail shoppers want brands to make interactive technology part of the in-store customer experience. Recent studies have ranked interactive displays as some of the “Seven Technologies That Are Redefining the Retail Experience” and found that more than 54% of … [Read more...]

Top 3 Social Networks For Converting Online Shoppers Into In-Store Shoppers

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How To Make Suggestive Selling A Part Of Your Customer Service Strategy

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3 Ways to Recover From Customer Experience Mistakes

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3 Benefits of Retail Customer Journey Mapping

Considering the complexity of today’s retail world as technology gives shoppers more power to find what they need both inside and outside of the store, mapping these journeys has become an essential evaluation tool––one that is more simple and powerful than you might think. In short, customer … [Read more...]

4 Frequently Asked Questions About Customer Experience Programs

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5 Helpful Customer Experience Resources To Start Following Today

As much as we’d all like to think there’s only one “right” way to measure customer experience, there is no one-size-fits-all solution every company can benefit from equally. New technology giving customers more power over their shopping experience continues to challenge retailers to step up to the … [Read more...]

Why Internal Alignment Is Key To Delivering Great Customer Experiences

The turf wars waged within any company can have a devastating effect on its ability to deliver a great experience to customers. Marketing can’t get along with sales, service departments blame store managers for dropping the ball––the conflicts can take virtually any shape. Building barriers … [Read more...]

Boost Customer Loyalty With An In-Store Suggestive Selling Strategy

Browse through any recent research of the retail industry and it won’t take long to see just how much consumer expectations are changing year-to-year. A recent report from Interactions found that 88% of shoppers are walking into brick-and-mortar stores after doing product research online. For them, … [Read more...]