Defining The Boundaries Of a Narrow Space

Footsteps on the floor Stand here

When you only have a narrow entry way into your shop, managing traffic can be a nightmare; unless you set some boundaries. Where many shops put up signs that say “Line forms here” or “Order Here/Pay Here,” Joe the Art of Coffee in NYC has solved the problem in a more creative yet demonstativiely forceful way.

They put footprints on the floor that show you exactly how to dance.

Think Arthur Murray Dance Studios or those old ’70s dance kits that showed you how to do The Hustle. Put this foot there, the other foot here; you’re dancing like a pro!

Or in this case, standing in the right line for coffee.

Joe’s solved a problem every coffee shop counter has — managing the line. They’ve freed up their employees and customers from having to referee the line.

They’ve also made expert users of even first-time visitors.

Now, nobody visiting the shop is a tourist. You already belong here. We already know your name.