Customer Intercepts

Customer Intercepts IconExplore shoppers’ perceptions and buying habits

We’ll Help You:

  • Eliminate problems that are causing shoppers to leave empty-handed
  • Understand what motivates specific subsets of your customer base
  • Determine how your shoppers view your competitors
  • Test new store formats, remodels and product lines
  • Decode buyer activity by store department, product type, or specific behavior
  • Boost purchase rates and average sale amounts
  • Increase customer satisfaction and build loyalty

Here’s How It Works

Professional interviewers will be strategically placed at your stores to conduct in-store customer intercepts in a designated department or exit interviews outside the store. The interviewers will target shoppers according to your exact specifications (demographics, brand/category interactions, etc.) and ask them about their experience using a fully customized questionnaire.

Once the shopper intercepts are completed, we’ll conduct an internal analysis and present our findings and recommendations.


We’d be happy to address them. Just click the link below to schedule a free consultation with our client success team. We can provide additional information once we know more about your business objectives.

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