Customer Intercepts

Customer Intercepts IconSatisfied with your customers’ shopping experience? We’re not.

If you could increase your retail revenue, would you?

Of course you would. Here’s how you’re going to do it…

If a shopper leaves your store empty handed, not only have you lost potential revenue, but you have lost an opportunity to build on a customer relationship. The trick is in discovering why customers make buying decisions and turning shoppers into satisfied customers, who are likely to come back time after time.

With the help of professional interviewers, you can gain immediate and uncluttered customer insights about your brand, your staff, store layouts and more through customer intercept surveys. These targeted experience questionnaires deliver the insights you need that will increase purchase rates, average sales and ultimately, your company profitability.

Improving customer satisfaction will go a long way in improving your retail revenue. When your revenue is on the rise, you become more successful and that is what this is all about.

  • Fully-customized customer intercept survey program
  • Shoppers reveal their immediate customer experience
  • Learn why potential shoppers did not purchase and improve customer satisfaction

Here’s How It Works…

Experienced Field Representatives are strategically placed outside your retail locations to survey customers as they exit. Customers can be targeted to your specifications:

  • By demographic
  • Whether or not they made a purchase
  • Based on specific brand/category interactions
  • In customer groups, as a couple or with children

Find out firsthand what your customers want from their in-store experiences.

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