Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction IconYour customers know how to improve your in-store experience. Are you ready to listen?

When your retail locations are successful, your company is successful and so are you.

One of the fastest ways to make your store locations more successful is by improving the in-store experience. Your customers know how to do this. You just have to listen.

Turn customer survey data into actionable results that will improve your store on several fronts and ultimately in company profitability.

Detailed IVR and web-based customer satisfaction surveys can provide in-depth voice-of-customer responses. We then help turn those survey findings into coaching and training programs that improve the way your business performs – all across your retail chain.

Imagine what will happen to your success when your business improves across your entire retail chain. Now that’s something to think about.

Customer Satisfaction programs are designed to help you realize greater success…

  • Programs are customized to meet your specific needs
  • Get immediate feedback and analysis
  • You and your management team gain maximum benefit from your customer data

How it works…

Your program will begin when our Client Success Executives develop a customer satisfaction survey that focuses on the key outcomes of your customer experience initiative. Customer survey invitations are delivered through POS receipts or extended directly to customers by store personnel. Customers then go online or call a toll-free number to participate in the survey.

All survey data collected undergoes extensive assurance verification and a rigorous two-stage analysis.

This is one of the easiest ways for you to make immediate improvements in your retail operation. If you know exactly what your customers are looking for, you are empowered to deliver.

Get the data you need to make company-wide improvements with customized surveys.