Mystery Shopping

Can you handle the truth?

A Mystery Shopping Program will provide the intelligence you need to boost your revenue and improve your brand strategy.

With the right intelligence, you will secure your business success.

Even the most brilliantly conceived brand strategy will fail if it is not executed properly at the store level. An ICC/Decision Services Mystery Shopping Program will take a snapshot of your brand in action. By assessing your customers’ entire shopping experience through Field Representatives, we’re able to identify areas that can be immediately improved to maximize revenue and improve your brand strength.

When you know the real customer experience at your retail locations, you can use it to your advantage…

Ensure brand consistency across stores, even at remote locations.

  • Mine data for trends and improvements
  • Improve training programs
  • Reward staff through Field Representative evaluation
  • Ensure the successful product and marketing launches

Here is how the Mystery Shopping Program works…

Our highly-trained Field Representatives monitor key locations of your choice, gathering the kind of feedback that will help improve your customer shopping experiences. The results are analyzed using our proprietary software and are available for your review 24/7 through your own secure web portal.

Don’t put your business at risk by letting your customer experience suffer. Contact ICC/Decision Services today for a no obligation customer experience briefing.

We’ll help you get started securing your success.

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Free Customer Intercept or Mystery Shop Offer

ICC/DS is offering to capture 30 customer intercepts at one of your retail locations or mystery shop 10 of your stores with no obligation to you.