Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Start improving the customer experience on day one

We’ll Help You:

  • Formulate the expected customer experience
  • Determine whether your brand strategy is being executed consistently
  • Understand the “why” behind your customer satisfaction scores
  • Make clear to in-store teams what you expect—and motivate them to excel
  • Ensure the success of new product and marketing launches
  • Improve your associate training programs

Here’s How It Works

After developing a list of questions specific to your brand and your concerns, we’ll notify in-store teams about the purpose and focus of the program. Then we’ll send professional mystery shoppers to key locations of your choice to conduct a thorough brand audit (engage employees, observe store conditions, and provide objective feedback).

Using our own proprietary software, we’ll analyze the results of the mystery shop and make them available to you 24/7 through your own secure web portal.


We’d be happy to address them. Just click the link below to schedule a free consultation with our client success team. We can provide additional information once we know more about your business objectives.

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